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Toggle check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Updated
1531SESE WebsiteFeatureNewNormalAdd Internatinal Shipping SurchargePavan RikhiSurcharges07/23/2019 03:39 PM
1530SESE WebsiteFeatureNewNormalImprove Shipping Rule SetPavan RikhiShipping07/23/2019 03:35 PM
1528SESE WebsiteFeatureNewNormalAllow Applying Coupons to CartsPavan RikhiCart07/18/2019 07:11 AM
1525SESE WebsiteFeatureNewNormalIntegrate with a Sales Tax APIPavan RikhiOrders07/16/2019 11:26 AM
1477Quickbooks For CommunesFeatureNewNormalDynamic Page TitlesPavan Rikhi04/15/2019 04:40 AM
1475Quickbooks For CommunesFeatureNewNormalAdd Breadcrumbs04/04/2019 09:48 AM
1474Quickbooks For CommunesRefactorNewNormalInvestigate Formless for Client Forms04/03/2019 10:35 AM
1445SESE WebsiteBugNewNormalChanging Pagination Per-Page Numbers Redraws Entire PagePavan RikhiUI01/28/2019 12:10 PM
1443SESE WebsiteFeatureNewNormalSwitch Ecological Attribute to SmallGrowerPavan RikhiProducts01/26/2019 06:09 PM
1442SESE WebsiteFeatureNewNormalAdd Argument Handling to Server ScriptsPavan RikhiGeneral01/26/2019 02:17 PM
1441SESE WebsiteFeatureNewNormalInvestigate Other HTML Template PluginsPavan RikhiUI01/26/2019 05:31 PM
1440SESE WebsiteFeatureNewNormalAdd FaviconsPavan RikhiUI07/23/2019 03:00 PM
1439SESE WebsiteBugNewNormalRaw HTML is Shown in Markdown Rendered TextPavan RikhiUI01/25/2019 12:00 PM
1438SESE WebsiteFeatureNewNormalAdd Pages AdminPavan RikhiAdmin01/25/2019 11:53 AM
1437SESE WebsiteBugNewNormalStyled HTML is Not Shown in Category/Search Product ListsPavan RikhiProducts01/25/2019 11:49 AM
1408MyBookListRefactorNewNormalUse Servant + Elm?Pavan Rikhi12/24/2018 12:58 AM
1407MyBookListFeatureNewNormalUse OpenLibrary APIPavan Rikhi12/24/2018 12:56 AM
1406SESE WebsiteFeatureNewNormalAccessing Authorized Routes Should Redirect to Login Page & Then Back to Page After Successful LoginPavan RikhiGeneral12/21/2018 11:08 AM
1403SESE WebsiteFeatureNewNormalShow Lot Quantities Instead of Weights for Some ProductsPavan RikhiProducts12/20/2018 04:27 PM
1402SESE WebsiteFeatureNewNormalAdd Retail Stores ManagementPavan RikhiPages12/20/2018 04:22 PM
1401SESE WebsiteFeatureNewNormalAdd Events Management & RenderingPavan RikhiPages12/20/2018 04:20 PM
1400SESE WebsiteRefactorNewNormalDo All Currency Calculations on ServerPavan RikhiCode Quality07/23/2019 02:58 PM
1399SESE WebsiteFeatureNewHighUse Cookies for AuthenticationPavan RikhiSecurity01/26/2019 12:20 PM
1398SESE WebsiteFeatureIn ProgressNormalAdd Product/Category SalesPavan RikhiCheckout07/23/2019 04:59 PM
1397SESE WebsiteFeatureNewNormalOccasionally Re-fetch the User's Time ZonePavan RikhiUI12/20/2018 03:13 PM

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