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Add Additional Options to Checkout

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Target version:v0.6.0 - Checkout
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Coupon codes, store credit, priority S&H, member number

member number

Discount order by 5% if anything is entered into the field.

priority s&h

Make the fee $5 + 5% of the order total on top of normal shipping cost.

Add as extra field to shipping methods, w/ specific fields for excluding products/categories from priority shipping. Ideally customers would be able to place an order w/ priority shipping w/ those excluded products if they had other products, & would only be charged for priority shipping for eligible products. Not sure how stoneedge would handle it though.

Need to exclude seasonal items & mushrooms.

Associated revisions

Revision 82eb118e
Added by Pavan Rikhi about 2 months ago

[#1189] Add Store Credit to Checkout API Route

Add a storeCredit field to the Customer DB model & import store credit
data from ZenCart's Gift Certificates module in the Data Migration

Return a Customer's available store credit in the My Account & Checkout
Details Routes. In the Place Order API Route, allow Customers to apply
their store credit towards an Order.

  • Add a StoreCreditLine value to the LineItemType datatype.
  • Modify the Order Placed email to include any store credit that was
  • Modify the chargeCustomer function so that it is no longer responsible
    for deleting a Customer's Cart.
  • Modify the createOrder function to also return the amount of store
    credit that was applied to the Order.

Refs #1189

Revision 07552cf7
Added by Pavan Rikhi about 2 months ago

[#1189] Add Store Credit Form to Checkout Process

Add an input field for applying store credit to an order during the
checkout process if the Customer has store credit available.

Display a Customer's available store credit on their My Account page.

Add any applied store credit to order summaries & total calculations.

Add a Format.centsNumber function to format cents as dollars like the
Format.cents function, but without the leading dollar sign.

Refs #1189


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Starting work on this issue.

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Store Credit is finished, working on member numbers now

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