Feature #1382

Option for auto-shutdown

Added by Anonymous almost 2 years ago.

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It would be fantastic to have a auto-shutdown feature in the config file.


For boxes driven in single user mode, a DM login screen is just annoying. Now,
that X setuid feature is again discussed being too dangerious, a DM with
auto-login like the mini-greeter is the prefereed solution.

However, you still need to log off as an extra step.

For developers that's not too hard, however, for boxes running more like in
kiosk mode (or home entertainment) the user might have no knowledege how to
shutdown correctly seeing the mini-greeter screen.

So, I see the following solutions:

- straight forward: a new option to auto-shutdown

- or: optional shutdown / reboot buttons

- or: more space for text incl. line break (?) than misusing the 'password
label' so that we can display at least some hints for the user, what
keys to press for a shutdown (like "Press CTRL-S for Shutdown, ...")

I cannot underline enough that the mini greeter is a really cool package
coming right in time as the gtk-greeter gets too fat and even buggy with
multiple displays attached.


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