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Add Product/Category Sales Admin Pages

Added by Pavan Rikhi 9 months ago. Updated 5 months ago.

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Target version:v1.04.00 - Complete Admin Site
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Associated revisions

Revision f3554935
Added by Pavan Rikhi 6 months ago

[#1661] Add Product Sales List Page to Admin

Add a list route to the admin site for displaying all existing Product

Refs #1661

Revision ca2822f5
Added by Pavan Rikhi 6 months ago

[#1661] Add New Product Sale Page to Admin

Add an Admin page for creating new Product Sales, along with a button to
this page on the Product Sales List page.

Add a `price` field to the SaleProductData type.

Add Admin API routes for fetching the data necessary to render the New
Product Sale form as well as for submitting a new Product Sale.

Refs #1661

Revision 4a221530
Added by Pavan Rikhi 6 months ago

[#1661] Add Edit Product Sale Admin Page

Add a Edit Product Sale page to the Admin site. Add links to the page in
the Product Sales table and redirect to the Edit Page after successfully
creating a new Product Sale.

Move the posixToDateString function from the CouponAdmin module to
Models.Utils for reuse in the ProductSalesAdmin module.

Rename the AdminListProductSale client type & ListProductSales server
type to AdminProductSale & ProductSaleData to match with the fact that
they are used in both the List & Edit pages.

Switch the argument order of the toVariantData server function to
simplify creation of the SaleVariantData type.

Refs #1661

Revision 6e58610f
Added by Pavan Rikhi 6 months ago

[#1661] Add Category Sales List Page to the Admin

Add a new admin page at `/admin/category-sales` for listing all existing
Category Sales.

Refs #1661

Revision b7d9e172
Added by Pavan Rikhi 5 months ago

[#1661] Add New Category Sale Admin Page

Add a new admin page for creating Category Sales.

Refs #1661

Revision 92edada5
Added by Pavan Rikhi 5 months ago

[#1661] Add Edit Category Sales Admin Page

Add a page to the admin for editing existing Category Sales.

Closes #1661


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