• Acorn Accounting

    Open Source Accounting Software for Egalitarian Communities.

  • AwesomeWM Config

    Pavan's configuration and theme files for the Awesome window manager.

  • Blacklist Check

    Check spam blacklists for specific hosts.

  • Bodyweight Logger

    An application for tracking body weight workouts.

    Inspired by /r/bodyweightfitness &

  • Bootstrap Molokai

    A Bootstrap theme based on the Molokai colorscheme for vim.

  • CampBX

    Haskell API Bindings for the CampBX Bitcoing Market.

  • dotfiles

    Config files for zsh, vim, mutt, screen, and more.

  • Elm Remote Status

    An Elm library for tracking the status of remote requests.

  • FEC

    The Federation of Egalitarian Communities website.

  • HKLaunch

    A simple CLI application launcher written in haskell.

  • hkredmine

    A Redmine CLI client written in Haskell.

  • Ionia CARTS

    A trip logging & reporting system for the Central Area Rural Transit System of Alaska.

  • Learning

    Projects of various books I've completed.

  • LightDM Mini Greeter

    A minimal, but highly customizable GTK3 LightDM Greeter.

  • LinkDump

    A Mezzanine app for creating, categorizing, sharing and tracking links.

  • MezzPaste

    A Django app to integrate dpaste into Mezzanine.

    dpaste is a Django-based pastebin.

  • MyBookList

    A book library & wishlist tracker.

  • NixOS Configuration

    System configuration files for NixOS systems.

  • Order Manager

    Business Automation & Analysis Software

  • RSSonate

    A web RSS reader powered by Elm and Django Rest Framework.

  • Seed Pricing

    A python scraper for collecting product information from Organic Seed companies.

  • SESE Website

    The new e-commerce website for Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, built with Haskell & Elm.

  • Sleep Anarchy

    The Mezzanine project that runs

  • SysAdmin Tools

    Various files and scripts used for administrating Slackware servers and Debian workstations.

  • Zencart Bootstrap Theme

    SESE's Bootstrap Theme for Zencart

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