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FEC11/16/2016Pavan RikhiMaintenanceBug #949: Bring Site Back OnlineFix1.50
FEC11/12/2016Pavan RikhiDevelopmentBug #949: Bring Site Back OnlineDebugging1.00
FEC10/04/2016Pavan RikhiDevelopmentSupport #901: Commune in a BoxFinish Staging Server Setup & Send Email to Starter Kit1.40
FEC09/28/2016Pavan RikhiDevelopmentSupport #901: Commune in a BoxWork on, clean up, send email, start staging server update2.46
FEC09/28/2016Pavan RikhiDevelopmentSupport #901: Commune in a BoxFinish most of COYOA10.15
FEC09/26/2016Pavan RikhiDevelopmentSupport #901: Commune in a BoxIntegrate Wiki & Start Workon on CYOA19.44
FEC06/25/2016Pavan RikhiDevelopmentSupport #901: Commune in a BoxRead Responses to Spec Questions0.33
FEC06/14/2016Pavan RikhiDevelopmentSupport #901: Commune in a BoxBrainstorm requirements & questions for commune in a box.5.44
FEC06/12/2016Pavan RikhiCommunicationSupport #901: Commune in a BoxMeeting2.67
FEC06/10/2016Pavan RikhiDevelopmentSupport #901: Commune in a BoxFix RSS Feed0.12
FEC06/08/2016Pavan RikhiDevelopmentSupport #901: Commune in a BoxSwitch Homepage & Upgrade TikiWiki1.28
FEC05/14/2016Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #818: Update FEC LogoAssemble multiple logo files into semi-transparent version0.47
FEC05/14/2016Pavan RikhiDevelopmentBug #876: Posting to Multiple Community Categories Causes Post to Show Up Multiple Times in "Latest Updates" WidgetWrite test, fix issue, test, push1.17
FEC03/24/2016Pavan RikhiDevelopmentBug #817: Automated Travis Builds are BrokenPlay with settings, attempt rebuild, fix dependencies & travis config.1.80
FEC03/23/2016Pavan RikhiDevelopmentBug #785: Tag Links on Document Details Page are BrokenWrite tests, fix, push0.59
FEC03/23/2016Pavan RikhiDevelopmentBug #735: Draft Communities Appear in Community Spotlight Footer SectionWrite Test & Fix0.66
FEC03/11/2016Pavan RikhiDevelopmentBug #817: Automated Travis Builds are BrokenTry to fix0.69
FEC12/02/2015Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFix Tagline/Search CSS0.25
FEC09/17/2015Pavan RikhiDevelopmentMake new release & hotfixes, send email to list2.00
FEC09/17/2015Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #651: Add Redirects for Old URLSManually Add Redirects0.50
FEC09/17/2015Pavan RikhiDevelopmentBug #653: Unpublished Communities Appear in Newest & Member Community Sidebar Widgetswrite test, write fix, push0.47
FEC09/16/2015Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #647: Add Deployment DocsCustom Built uWSGI Deployment Docs0.37
FEC09/16/2015Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #647: Add Deployment DocsUpdate Deployment Docs & Fix Git Hosting1.70
FEC09/08/2015Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #597: Do SEO & Speed ChecksTest & fix SEO on various pages1.50
FEC09/07/2015Pavan RikhiDevelopmentBug #652: Newest Communities Widget Should Not Show AlliesWrite test, write fix, push0.77

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