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hkredmine10/15/2016Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #746: Add command to open issue in default browserTry to do some work, but slow internet makes initial setup immposible0.18
hkredmine10/24/2014Pavan RikhiDevelopmentBug #346: The close Command changes the Due Date even if Already Setfixed, tested, pushed0.13
hkredmine10/23/2014Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #343: Make Name Column in projectsTable Center Alignedpushed0.09
hkredmine10/23/2014Pavan RikhiDevelopmentBug #344: The version Command Does Not Correctly Filter IssuesWrote and pushed1.53
hkredmine10/22/2014Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #41: Add Issue Filters to the version and nextversion CommandsWrite, test, debug, refactor, review, merge, push, forget to stop tracking time2.43
hkredmine10/21/2014Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #322: Shrink Table Columns to maximum row lengthwrite, push1.50
hkredmine10/21/2014Pavan RikhiDevelopmentBug #316: Tables do not extend to contents minimum lengthwrite and test2.00
hkredmine10/20/2014Pavan RikhiDevelopmentBug #316: Tables do not extend to contents minimum lengthWrite and test out fix, still working on it...1.00
hkredmine10/19/2014Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #315: Remove Debuggin Outputwrote + pushed0.26
hkredmine10/19/2014Pavan RikhiDevelopmentBug #321: Project Identifiers are not Validated for the issues Commandwrite, test, push0.76
hkredmine10/17/2014Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #315: Remove Debuggin OutputWrite, test, push0.58
hkredmine10/17/2014Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #314: Improve READMEDebug dependency management, test fresh install on debian, improve docs2.23
hkredmine10/01/2014Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #302: Add a newcategory Commandwritten and pushed, with some slacking2.42
hkredmine10/01/2014Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #303: Remove Quotes From status Command0.08
hkredmine10/01/2014Pavan RikhiDevelopmentBug #289: Use Concurrency When PossibleReading, implementing, debugging3.64
hkredmine10/01/2014Pavan RikhiResearchBug #289: Use Concurrency When PossibleReading + playing around w/ par and async2.29
hkredmine10/01/2014Pavan RikhiDevelopmentRefactor #300: Refactor the CLI Argument Parsingwriting, testing, some fucking around1.06
hkredmine09/30/2014Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #287: Add done-ratio Flag to the update Command.wrote, merged into master0.85
hkredmine09/29/2014Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #288: Add Ability to Override close Commands Comment.Coded & pushed0.50
hkredmine09/27/2014Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #45: Show the Issue ID# on Time Entry Confirmation0.15
hkredmine09/27/2014Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #45: Show the Issue ID# on Time Entry ConfirmationWrote patch, testing now0.09
hkredmine09/27/2014Pavan RikhiDevelopmentRefactor #44: Refactor the JSON Parsing Coderefactoring0.44
hkredmine09/27/2014Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #13: Add update issue commandwrite, test, push1.76
hkredmine09/26/2014Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #11: Add watched Commanddevelop, merge and push1.00
hkredmine09/26/2014Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #12: Add categoriesAdd category flags, push to master1.62

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