Requirements Gathering

Ideally we'll have a meeting at acorn to discuss SESE's general business
process. Everything we do & all the ways we interact with customers, orders, &

It would be a good time to ask general question to the group & get the
people responsible/interested in each part of the business(shipping, approving,

Things to figure out

General application stuff:

  • Does the community want to impose requirements on the technology that we use? Like "keep it easy to learn - use python not haskell!".
  • Do we want to support multiple currencies?
  • Do we want to support multiple languages?
  • Do we care about authorization? Should just ask for an email(& confirm it)? Or email/user & pass? I'd rather not use oauth or something that requires an external gateway, since we want the application to work when the internet is out.
  • Different overlays for each business area? E.g., a shipping overlay would should pages, tables columns, graphs that directly relate to shipping processes, and not other extra information.

Stock Keeping:

  • Containers? Shelves? Warehouses?
  • First-in-first-out or first-in-last-out inventory pulling?

Writing Specs

Use Sphinx

Add links to acorn accounting specs