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SESE Website09/08/2017Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #1109: Add Customers & Login/Register Pagescommit some code0.06
SESE Website09/15/2017Pavan RikhiDevelopmentRefactor #1155: Use markdown package instead of innerHtml attributefix0.26
SESE Website09/03/2017Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #1108: Add Navigation, Sidebar, & Footerfinish active categories in navbar0.80
SESE Website10/08/2017Pavan RikhiMaintenanceImprovement development workflow1.00
SESE Website10/07/2017Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #1115: Add Basic Checkout PageSuccess Page Work1.00
SESE Website10/03/2017Pavan RikhiDevelopmentBug #1180: Cart Item Count Not Updated After Successful Password ResetFinish initial setup of public staging server1.00
SESE Website09/03/2017Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #1106: Add PagesAdd DB model + server route, start data migration1.25
SESE Website10/21/2017Pavan RikhiResearchResearch/Learning1.50
SESE Website08/23/2017Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #1102: Create Server & Client ScaffoldingStart on server1.50
SESE Website09/04/2017Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #1133: Add All/Organic/Heirloom/Etc. Products Pagesstart implementing1.51
SESE Website09/03/2017Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #1108: Add Navigation, Sidebar, & FooterContact Footer, Start Active Categories in Navbar1.78
SESE Website10/14/2017Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #1186: Allow Unregistered Customers to Check OutClean bathroom...1.84
SESE Website08/23/2017Pavan RikhiCommunicationFeature #1101: Initial Design Workstart writing design email1.94
SESE Website09/18/2017Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #1113: Add Customer CartsUpgrade Decimal library2.00
SESE Website08/27/2017Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #1104: Add Categories2.00
SESE Website08/22/2017Pavan RikhiDesignFeature #1101: Initial Design WorkIssue organization, brainstorming requirements2.00
SESE Website10/04/2017Pavan RikhiDesignFeature #1173: Replace Contact Address w/ Billing/Shippingmore design work, decided to implement basic page before removing contact addresses2.06
SESE Website10/03/2017Pavan RikhiDesigndesign work for checkout process2.17
SESE Website09/03/2017Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #1104: Add CategoriesAdd sub-category products to category pages, send development email.2.18
SESE Website09/09/2017Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #1109: Add Customers & Login/Register Pagesclient to server integration2.23
SESE Website09/07/2017Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #1109: Add Customers & Login/Register PagesResearch, refactor server routes, start customer model2.32
SESE Website09/06/2017Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #1148: Add 404 PageWrite & test2.35
SESE Website09/01/2017Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #1130: Add PaginationRefactoring & Per Page Controls2.44
SESE Website08/30/2017Pavan RikhiResearchRefactor #1139: Reduce Backend QueriesTest out refactoring2.50
SESE Website08/29/2017Pavan RikhiMaintenanceMore client code cleanup2.50

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