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SESE Website08/19/2017Pavan RikhiDesignFeature #1101: Initial Design Work9.00
SESE Website08/21/2017Pavan RikhiDesignFeature #1101: Initial Design WorkBrainstorm, Data models, User Actions, Model Interactions, Short Page Specs, Build Order12.00
SESE Website08/22/2017Pavan RikhiDesignFeature #1101: Initial Design WorkIssue organization, brainstorming requirements2.00
SESE Website08/22/2017Pavan RikhiDesignFeature #1102: Create Server & Client Scaffolding4.00
SESE Website08/23/2017Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #1102: Create Server & Client Scaffoldingbuild up client structure, start on server4.50
SESE Website08/23/2017Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #1102: Create Server & Client ScaffoldingStart on server1.50
SESE Website08/23/2017Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #1102: Create Server & Client ScaffoldingInitial Server Code5.25
SESE Website08/23/2017Pavan RikhiCommunicationFeature #1101: Initial Design Workstart writing design email1.94
SESE Website08/24/2017Pavan RikhiCommunicationFeature #1101: Initial Design Workfinish & send design email3.00
SESE Website08/24/2017Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #1103: Add ProductsProduct Migration Script, Start Product Details Route & Page, Some Header/Nav/Sidebar Scaffolding11.67
SESE Website08/25/2017Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #1103: Add ProductsProduct Details Page, General UI Elements, Static/Media serving, attribute icons, start categories12.67
SESE Website08/26/2017Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #1104: Add CategoriesCategories, Navbar10.00
SESE Website08/26/2017Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #1104: Add CategoriesCategory Page, Routing, Details Page7.36
SESE Website08/27/2017Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #1104: Add Categories2.00
SESE Website08/27/2017Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #1104: Add CategoriesStart Category Pagination4.56
SESE Website08/27/2017Pavan RikhiCommunicationFeature #1104: Add CategoriesPagination/Email2.50
SESE Website08/27/2017Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #1104: Add CategoriesFinish Pagination & Sorting7.65
SESE Website08/28/2017Pavan RikhiMaintenanceclean up client code9.50
SESE Website08/29/2017Pavan RikhiMaintenanceMore client code cleanup2.50
SESE Website08/29/2017Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #1104: Add Categoriescleanup and finish category pages2.56
SESE Website08/29/2017Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #1105: Add Search PagesBasic Search Functionality4.35
SESE Website08/30/2017Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #1105: Add Search PagesSimple Search Form & Results Page, Refactor Products Table Functionality7.45
SESE Website08/30/2017Pavan RikhiResearchRefactor #1139: Reduce Backend QueriesTest out refactoring2.50
SESE Website08/30/2017Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #1130: Add PaginationOffloading pagination to the server5.10
SESE Website08/31/2017Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #1130: Add Paginationswitch pagination library for search & category pages, implement server-side pagination4.44

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