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02:39 AM dotfiles Revision a488c012 (pavans-dotfiles): smos: Fix Destination of Japanese Template
02:38 AM dotfiles Revision 828857a6 (pavans-dotfiles): vim: Update Plugin Manager
02:37 AM dotfiles Revision 4196dd46 (pavans-dotfiles): zsh: Add Makefile Aliases
02:37 AM dotfiles Revision 9ac1a99e (pavans-dotfiles): zsh: Accounting Alias Sources Local zshrc


12:50 AM dotfiles Revision dacdde68 (pavans-dotfiles): smos: Tweak Accounting Schedule, Add Weekly Japanese Template


04:30 PM hkHue Revision b6a1b432: Bump Stackage LTS to v17.15
02:51 AM hs-notifications Revision fd91c701: Respect the `resident` Hint When Triggering Actions
When triggering a notification's action, do not dismiss it if it has the
`resident` hint set to `true`.


06:40 PM hs-notifications Revision 82a7f1af: Add Actions/Buttons to Notifications
Extend the Notification type to include the list of possible actions
sent over dbus. Modify the notificaiton builder ...
06:00 PM hs-notifications Revision c569af73: Pull Version from Paths File Instead of Hardcoding


04:33 AM hs-notifications Revision 67bae10b: Bump Stack to LTS-17.14

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