Pavan Rikhi

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Reported issues: 863


01:53 PM Haskell Wordpress Authentication Revision a162b530: servant-auth-wordpress: Bump Dependency Bounds


06:55 PM LightDM Mini Greeter Revision 1bd55f4f: Whitespace Cleanup
06:53 PM LightDM Mini Greeter Revision f6fcaf5a: Fix "Unused Return Value" Warning


01:11 AM LightDM Mini Greeter Revision bd96d1d8: [GH#46] Show User, Hostname, & Time Above Password Input
Add a `show-sys-info` config option that renders `<user>@<hostname>` &
`HH:MM` labels above the password input when e...


01:29 AM LightDM Mini Greeter Revision de162626: Fix a Bug in focus_ring_prev
Fix an issue where focus_ring_prev would only cycle between the first &
last items in the focused list.
01:09 AM LightDM Mini Greeter Revision 85e77d06: [GH#32] Add Ability to Switch Between DE/WM Sessions
A new `session-key` configuration option has been added. When pressed
with the `mod-key`, mini greeter will switch to...


02:53 AM XMonad Config Revision 21c2dd71: Bump Stack Resolver to LTS 18.12


08:56 PM XMonad Config Revision efb39120: Use Fullscreen Support from xmonad-contrib
Replace the fixMPVFullscreen & fullscreenEventHook functions with the
ewmhFullscreen config wrapper from xmonad-contrib.


02:24 AM LightDM Mini Greeter Revision 69a1cb0f: [GH#22][GH#75] Make Configuration Values Optional
Modify the configuration parsing code in `config.c` to make all options
beside `greeter.user` optional. If these are ...


11:29 PM LightDM Mini Greeter Revision 8a8c440d: Update CHANGELOG

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