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11:35 AM SESE Website Revision 1527fcba: Update Client Dependencies
11:35 AM SESE Website Revision e59319d8: Update Server Dependencies
07:24 PM Zencart Bootstrap Theme Revision 219cad2d: Add Seeds for Schools Link to Sidebar


12:02 PM SESE Website Revision c091f8cf: Update Server Dependencies


12:42 PM SESE Website Bug #1223 (New): Remove Contact Details from Registration Page
These are unecessary as we no longer store them.
12:07 PM SESE Website Feature #1189 (In Progress): Add Additional Options to Checkout
Store Credit is finished, working on member numbers now


11:32 AM SESE Website Revision e4015342: Show Colorized Output During Server Builds
11:17 AM SESE Website Revision 7781e5f6: Update Client Dependencies
11:16 AM SESE Website Revision d76df283: Update Server Dependencies
Update Stack to LTS 10.1, which bumps GHC to v8.2 & includes the
packages that were previously specified as extra-dep...


04:18 PM SESE Website Revision 48157a7e: Update Client Dependencies

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