Pavan Rikhi

  • Registered on: 03/09/2014
  • Last connection: 11/19/2018



Reported issues: 717


07:20 PM hIRC Revision 25d7cfd5: Use Lenses To Manipulate Client's AppState


05:35 PM hIRC Revision a22a54a9: Merge the Client's Channel Data Instead of Overwriting
When subscribing to new channels, the client will now merge the
ChannelData map, instead of replacing any existing Ch...
05:16 PM hIRC Revision 61f9f648: Simplify Queue-Handling Type Signature
Use the concrete monad instead of typeclasses since the handleQueues
function simply dispatches to other functions.
04:44 PM hIRC Revision f627334f: Show Channel Name in Top Bar
04:32 PM hIRC Revision 13d88cfc: Abstract Messaging Subscribers Into Typeclass
03:58 PM hIRC Revision f1a88a7b: Set Channel Topic On Initial Join
When joining a channel, grab & store the topic from any 332 messages the
IRC server sends. Relay these to any subscri...
05:51 AM hIRC Revision 09313535: Store & Render Channel Topics
When a channel's topic is changed, store it in the ChannelData & render
it in the client. Topic changes create messag...
05:33 AM hIRC Revision c29d08e3: Change Tense of IrcMessage Contructor
05:31 AM hIRC Revision 92aba69e: Rename ChatMessage Type to ChannelMessage
This type will be used for rendering all lines that should be shown in a
Channel's window, such as emotes or operator...
05:26 AM hIRC Revision faa010eb: Send Entire Channel Data to Clients
When a client subscribes to a channel, the daemon will now send them all
the data for those channels that it has stored.

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