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04:59 PM SESE Website Feature #1398 (In Progress): Add Product/Category Sales
03:34 PM SESE Website Feature #1531 (New): Add Internatinal Shipping Surcharge
From the shipping info page:
>If ordering seeds only, add $2 to the shipping and handling, otherwise double the sh...
03:30 PM SESE Website Feature #1530 (New): Improve Shipping Rule Set
The current shipping rules are a straight migration of the ZenCart rules. However, we have additional rules that were...
03:00 PM SESE Website Feature #1440: Add Favicons
Check out what I did for the quickbooks for communes project & the new theme for the FIC site.
01:33 PM SESE Website Feature #1210 (Closed): Add Payment Flow For Carts w/ Totals of 0
Applied in changeset commit:35f6dcb7a2f2b28e4ad1992263284134874acc32.
01:33 PM SESE Website Revision 238205f1: Remove the Unused SeedAttribute Field from the CartItem Type
01:28 PM SESE Website Revision 35f6dcb7: [#1210] Simplify Checkout Page For Free Orders
When an order has a total amount due of 0 dollars(either due to free
products or discounts), hide the Billing Address...
01:04 PM SESE Website Revision 66e08c56: Return An Error if Applying More Store Credit Than Possible
Have the customer checkout route throw a validation error if the
Customer tries to apply more store credit than their...
01:03 PM SESE Website Revision b10ac085: Fix Shipping Addresses in the OrderPlaced Email
Fix a bug causing the billing city, region, & zip to be shown for the
shipping address in the OrderPlaced email sent ...
01:03 PM SESE Website Revision b75c05ff: [#1210] Require Less Information for Free Checkouts
Modify the server's checkout routes so that they do not require a Stripe
token or a Billing address if the customer's...

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