Pavan Rikhi

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Reported issues: 707


10:09 AM SESE Website Revision 88a995ff: attempt fix
09:17 AM SESE Website Revision 5820511b: Improve UX of Store Credit Checkout Field
Store the entered store credit as a String instead of a Cents value to
prevent weird user-experience bugs like jumpin...
05:18 AM SESE Website Revision 30d70145: Fix Warnings in Manage Script
05:17 AM SESE Website Revision b22e609a: Add Additional GHC Flags to Manage Script


11:24 PM XMonad Config Revision ba134a86: Initial attempt to get taffybar working


02:59 PM XMonad Config Revision cbefbc1f: Update README
02:58 PM XMonad Config Revision c5b26c03: Add Keybindings for Screenshotting Specific Windows
Ctrl-PrintScreen lets you select the window to screenshot.
Ctrl-Shift-PrintScreen does the same, then opens the file ...
02:57 PM XMonad Config Revision 44210c9d: Add `newmoon` Web Browser
02:57 PM XMonad Config Revision f61d79cf: Decrease Inactive Opacity
02:56 PM XMonad Config Revision 9b7f9ea7: Re-Order Startup Commands

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