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04:37 PM LightDM Mini Greeter Revision ef1870ec: Use Text Values for the `password-alignment` Config
Instead of using arbitrary 0 and 1 values in the configuration file to
represent left & right password alignments, us...
04:47 AM LightDM Mini Greeter Revision 535cba71: Update CHANGELOG & Tweak Configuration File Text


12:20 PM Zencart Bootstrap Theme Revision 36f68b5b: Fix SKU Matching on Quick Order Modal
Fix a bug causing the modal to always pop up, instead of just for the
selected SKUs.


02:07 PM Zencart Bootstrap Theme Revision 6b1897be: Show Product Description on Mobile Device List Pages
Add these because we swapped the descriptions for two SKUs in our
02:06 PM Zencart Bootstrap Theme Revision 2e4d92a8: Show Confirmation Modal on Quick Order Page
Add a modal confirmation when specific SKUs are entered in the quick
order form. This modal confirms that the custome...


11:43 AM Zencart Bootstrap Theme Feature #828 (Closed): Write New Theme
11:39 AM Zencart Bootstrap Theme Revision 46141557: Initial Modal & Javascript on Quick Order Page
we add a modal confirmation when selected skus are entered in the quick
order form because we swapped the description...


12:58 AM MyBookList Refactor #1408 (New): Use Servant + Elm?
I like that combo more than yesod these days
12:56 AM MyBookList Feature #1407 (New): Use OpenLibrary API
The API we were using is paid now. Use this instead:


03:07 AM Haskell Wordpress Authentication Revision 35c4e170: Fix Package Descriptions & Version Bounds

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