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08:11 AM SESE Website Revision 6f057c7f: Fix Shipping Method Cart Charge Display
08:09 AM SESE Website Revision 16035f62: [#1151] Improve Design of Cart Page on Mobile Devices
Revamp the Cart Details page when viewed on mobile screens. Instead of a
cluttered table, we show a block for each Ca...
07:58 AM SESE Website Revision 3f15cb1c: Update Client Dependencies


08:22 AM SESE Website Revision cc5d4157: Update Client Dependencies
08:14 AM SESE Website Revision 108313e4: [#1151] Increase Space Around Mobile Menu Buttons
Refs #1151
08:12 AM SESE Website Revision 1cd254e7: [#1151] Improve Rendering of Forms on Mobile Screens
Change alignment, layout, & spacing of the forms when viewed on mobile
For the Quick Order form, we hide th...
05:12 AM SESE Website Revision f7d4350a: [#1151] Improve Rendering of Mobile Logo & Title
Reduce the image & site header sizes on mobile screens and center the
Refs #1151
04:41 AM SESE Website Feature #1151: Review Rendering of Mobile Site
> Fix the coloring of the dropdowns in the mobile nav menu.
Gonna keep it how it is, easier to distinguish between...
03:50 AM SESE Website Revision 42924c60: Add Footer Link to Fundraisers Page
This was added to the live site after we initially built the footer.
03:39 AM SESE Website Revision 68403428: [#1151] Decrease Breadcrumb Spacing on Mobile Screens
Refs #1151

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