Pavan Rikhi

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Reported issues: 662


11:17 PM SESE Website 13.95 hours (Feature #1113 (New): Add Customer Carts)
anonymous api route, refactor client code, start category add to cart form


03:43 PM SESE Website Revision b62e2480: Bump Stack LTS
03:42 PM SESE Website Revision aac8562b: Fix Re-Building Server When Stack Config Changes
09:20 AM SESE Website 7.24 hours (Feature #1113 (New): Add Customer Carts)
add to cart stuffs, meeting


02:30 PM SESE Website Revision 4b6dbc90: Fix Initial State Field for Create/Edit Account Forms
09:22 PM SESE Website 9.96 hours (Feature #1113 (New): Add Customer Carts)
Research, Brainstorm, Design work, Add to Cart Form


02:08 AM SESE Website 2.00 hours (Feature #1113 (New): Add Customer Carts)
Upgrade Decimal library
12:07 AM SESE Website 3.25 hours (Feature #1113 (New): Add Customer Carts)
Add to Cart route for customers, start a bit of client, work on updating elm-decimal library
08:29 PM SESE Website 10.97 hours (Feature #1113 (New): Add Customer Carts)
brainstorm, design, research, start server routes


10:08 AM SESE Website Feature #1162 (New): Merge Cart When a Customer Logs In
If a customer is not logged in & adds items to their cart, any items they added should be merged with their account's...

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