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03:51 PM SESE Website Revision f3554935: [#1661] Add Product Sales List Page to Admin
Add a list route to the admin site for displaying all existing Product
Refs #1661


06:45 PM SESE Website Revision dc351bfc: Prepare for v1.03.13
06:42 PM SESE Website Feature #1679 (Closed): Add form to edit e-mail template
Applied in changeset commit:bd330d57a4146a9b5fd9f34b072ae1195af90193.
06:41 PM SESE Website Revision bd330d57: [#1679] Make Order Confirmation Email Text Configurable
Add a new Settings field for customizing the preamble text in the
OrderPlaced email - between the greeting and the or...
06:30 PM hkHue Revision 11d0f8d7: Fix Deprecated Function Warning
Replace usage of the forkPingThread WebSockets function with a call to
the withPingThread function since the former h...
06:29 PM hkHue Revision 80f9178f: Upgrade to Stack LTS v15.3
06:11 PM SESE Website Revision 06fa02ee: Sanitize the Disabled Checkout Message Text
06:00 PM SESE Website Feature #1684 (Closed): Add Toggle in Admin to Turn Ability to Place Orders On/Off
Applied in changeset commit:61502934b559aaf0ffc8b47baa3f6181c3922ffd.
05:59 PM hkHue Revision 93c1319f: Reformat With Brittany
05:53 PM hkHue Revision 7a220c97: Add Bash & Haskell Scripts for the Wakeup Example

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