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11:23 AM AwesomeWM Config Revision b0a286e2: Set MPD Host for Lain Widget But Not for MPC Commands
Using an MPD socket was causing issues, so I've switched back to
11:22 AM AwesomeWM Config Revision 89d3f628: Center Virtualbox Windows & Don't Minimize Claudia on Startup
11:20 AM AwesomeWM Config Revision a2d96973: Reduce Duplication of Class Names
Create lists of Audio, Game, Graphics, & Media clients to be used in the
tyrannical properties & the ignore_transpare...
11:10 AM AwesomeWM Config Revision 5d367222: Fix Color of Modifiers on Hotkeys Popup


06:47 AM Bodyweight Logger Revision 6739077c (bodyweight-client): Apply Eta Reduction to Applicable Fetch Commands
06:43 AM Bodyweight Logger Revision f0d1869a (bodyweight-server): Fix HLint Warnings, Update README
06:40 AM Bodyweight Logger Revision 2c5e29f9 (bodyweight-server): Refactor Types Module Into Server Module
Rename the Types module to Server.
Modify the AppSQL function type, hardcoding it to return a value in the
AppM mona...


03:29 AM Bodyweight Logger Revision 9baa980a (bodyweight-client): Allow Users to Subscribe to Routines
This adds a Subscription model between Users & Routines that will be
used for logging a workout.
Users can Subscribe...
03:26 AM Bodyweight Logger Revision 022813ae (bodyweight-client): Add a UserId Type Alias to the Auth Module
03:25 AM Bodyweight Logger Revision d7f68d52 (bodyweight-client): Fix Generation of Nested Backend URLs
Fix a bug causing nested API URLs from doubling up the "/api/" URL

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