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06:02 AM SESE Website Feature #1157: Use Email Queue & Worker instead of Async Forks
This is more important now because avalara requests are currently required to succeed for the place order routes to s...


05:08 PM SESE Website Feature #1602 (New): Collect Server Performance Statics
Use @ekg@ along w/ some middleware to track things like GC usage, avg. response times, latency, etc.


06:17 AM SESE Website Feature #1592: Add Automatic Creation of Database Indexes
during the latest data migration, pghero suggested creatingthe following:...
04:30 AM SESE Website Revision ef3a6f7f: [#1525] Integrate Avalara Configuration into Server Configuration
Add a `getAvalaraConfig` field to the server's main `Config` type
containing the configuration data for the AvaTax AP...
04:03 AM SESE Website Revision 3dbdbf59: [#1525] Add RefundTransaction Request to Avalara Integration
Add a `refundTransaction` request to the Avalara module, allowing us to
record simple refunds to our sales tax calcul...
03:28 AM SESE Website Feature #1161: Add Server Logging
Slack channel also recommended @monad-logger@ w/ @monad-logger-prefix@ or @hslogger@.
We should log avalara errors...


04:05 PM SESE Website Revision 6e09ec60: [#1525] Add CommitTransaction Request to the Avalara Integration
Add a `commitTransaction` request function to the Avalara module for
marking a Transaction as committed, allowing a s...
03:34 PM SESE Website Revision 85811075: Re-Organize Exports of the Avalara Integration Module
03:30 PM SESE Website Revision 22490416: [#1525] Add Avalara Request for the CreateCustomers API Route
Add a `createCustomers` request function to the Avalara module for
creating new Customers associated with an Avalara ...
01:54 PM SESE Website Revision b94617b9: [#1525] Add Support for Avalara CreateTransaction Route
Add a `createTransaction` request to the Avalara module, enabling us to
receive sales tax estimates & record tax coll...

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