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SESE Website10/04/2017Pavan RikhiDesignFeature #1173: Replace Contact Address w/ Billing/Shippingmore design work, decided to implement basic page before removing contact addresses2.06
SESE Website10/03/2017Pavan RikhiDesigndesign work for checkout process2.17
SESE Website08/22/2017Pavan RikhiDesignFeature #1102: Create Server & Client Scaffolding4.00
SESE Website08/22/2017Pavan RikhiDesignFeature #1101: Initial Design WorkIssue organization, brainstorming requirements2.00
SESE Website08/21/2017Pavan RikhiDesignFeature #1101: Initial Design WorkBrainstorm, Data models, User Actions, Model Interactions, Short Page Specs, Build Order12.00
SESE Website08/19/2017Pavan RikhiDesignFeature #1101: Initial Design Work9.00
FEC05/29/2015Pavan RikhiDesignFeature #431: Draw Wireframes for the Homepage1.00
FEC02/02/2015Pavan RikhiDesignFeature #431: Draw Wireframes for the HomepageCreate & Email Wireframes2.63
FEC02/02/2015Pavan RikhiDesignBug #452: Linked List Groups Used Incorrectly on Community Detail Pages?Research, modification & testing0.50
Acorn Accounting01/26/2015Pavan RikhiDesignFeature #484: Guess the Memo for Single Item Bank Entriesbrainstorm solutions & email stephanie0.30
FEC11/16/2014Pavan RikhiDesignFeature #404: Sketch Out Possible LayoutsGeneral Sidebar and Footer Wireframes, Send out Email2.07
FEC11/16/2014Pavan RikhiDesignFeature #404: Sketch Out Possible LayoutsCommunity and S&S wireframs1.64
FEC11/16/2014Pavan RikhiDesignFeature #404: Sketch Out Possible LayoutsNav wireframes3.00
FEC11/11/2014Pavan RikhiDesignFeature #365: Gather Migration RequirementsWrite up S&S Design0.99
FEC11/05/2014Pavan RikhiDesignFeature #374: Add the Communities appResearch & Design of the Communities app1.00
FEC11/03/2014Pavan RikhiDesignFeature #365: Gather Migration RequirementsCome up with multipl Homepage designs, write email, research image maps and example home pages.4.25
FEC11/02/2014Pavan RikhiDesignFeature #365: Gather Migration RequirementsEmail about time estimate & layout, come up with initial design and create rough draft wireframe1.83
Acorn Accounting12/08/2013Pavan RikhiDesignRefactor #205: Refactor Small Changes from Code Reviewforms refactored & pep8ified0.75
Acorn Accounting12/07/2013Pavan RikhiDesignRefactor #199: Add Comments from Code Reviewreviewing TODOs, project management1.00
Acorn Accounting11/10/2013Pavan RikhiDesignFeature #202: Add Permissions to Admin and Entry Tasksintro research0.33
Acorn Accounting09/13/2013Pavan RikhiDesignFeature #181: Write Program Specificationsresearch, skimming other projects documentation for ideas and guidance2.00
Acorn Accounting09/09/2013Pavan RikhiDesignFeature #181: Write Program SpecificationsTrying to make simple flowchart with Dia0.17
Acorn Accounting09/09/2013Pavan RikhiDesignFeature #181: Write Program Specificationsresearch into RST vim plugins0.33
Acorn Accounting09/08/2013Pavan RikhiDesignFeature #181: Write Program SpecificationsResearch Possible Licenses (GPL, BSD, MIT, Apache, etc.)0.50
Acorn Accounting09/07/2013Pavan RikhiDesignFeature #181: Write Program SpecificationsRead sphinx + rst documentation2.50

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