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FEC12/09/2014Pavan RikhiDevelopmentBug #412: Test & Fix Community Blog Post CachingFixed0.04
FEC01/17/2015Pavan RikhiDevelopmentBug #456: Search Box & Tagline Alignment is BrokenWrite, revise, push0.05
SESE Website09/08/2017Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #1109: Add Customers & Login/Register Pagescommit some code0.06
Acorn Accounting03/06/2015Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #556: Add a Next Row-Shortcut For Account Fields in the Entry Pageswrite, test, push0.08
LightDM Mini Greeter01/27/2015Pavan RikhiDevelopmentBug #490: Password field should be automatically selected on startwrite, test & push0.08
FEC11/05/2014Pavan RikhiAdministrationTag and push v0.1.0 release0.08
hkredmine10/01/2014Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #303: Remove Quotes From status Command0.08
hkredmine10/23/2014Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #343: Make Name Column in projectsTable Center Alignedpushed0.09
MyBookList01/21/2015Pavan RikhiDevelopmentBug #457: Home Page Panel Header Backgrounds are Same Color as their Parent Wellswrite, look at, push0.09
hkredmine09/27/2014Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #45: Show the Issue ID# on Time Entry ConfirmationWrote patch, testing now0.09
MyBookList02/05/2015Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #462: Center the Homepage Text Shown When No Items Existwrite, test, push0.11
FEC06/10/2016Pavan RikhiDevelopmentSupport #901: Commune in a BoxFix RSS Feed0.12
Acorn Accounting12/08/2015Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #725: Change Tax Label to Tax Rate in Trip Entriesfix & text0.12
FEC09/03/2015Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #605: Automatically optimize uploaded imagesupdate docs0.12
hkredmine10/24/2014Pavan RikhiDevelopmentBug #346: The close Command changes the Due Date even if Already Setfixed, tested, pushed0.13
FEC09/03/2015Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #644: Add CSS MinificationMake changes, push0.13
FEC09/03/2015Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #642: Add Login Bruteforce ProtectionAdd & configure plugin0.14
FEC09/07/2015Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #648: Add "Read More" to Community Spotlight in footeradd, push0.14
hkredmine09/27/2014Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #45: Show the Issue ID# on Time Entry Confirmation0.15
FEC12/14/2014Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #423: Add the faviconwrite, push0.15
MyBookList01/21/2015Pavan RikhiDevelopmentBug #458: Extra Space at Bottom of Home Page's Panelswrite, look at, push0.15
MyBookList02/05/2015Pavan RikhiDevelopmentRefactor #515: Move templates into subfolderswrite, test, push0.16
Order Manager03/17/2016Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #815: Create Basic Prototypesjust a little bit more0.17
Order Manager10/14/2016Pavan RikhiDevelopmentFeature #815: Create Basic PrototypesQuick performance test Elm vs Purescript0.17
Acorn Accounting09/09/2013Pavan RikhiDesignFeature #181: Write Program SpecificationsTrying to make simple flowchart with Dia0.17

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